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Tomasz Mikolajewski
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Brief summary

Designer and developer of complex software and website solutions mainly in C/C++/Java/PHP/Perl with database access (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL).

My field of interests are Web Services. I can design, code everything from scratches, including code, database, frontends, middleware, backends, infrastructure, linux server configuration, etc.

Recently hacking around Android, Apache Sphinx, Apache Solr and some Hadoop.

Researching Optical Character Recognition methods for Japanese handwritten characters and speed improvements using heuristics, Hidden Markov Models and language model.

Key programming languages:
C, C++, Java, PHP
Additional programming languages:
Perl, C#, Delphi, Python
Web technologies:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, jQuery, XSLT
Software Development IDE:
Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio
Linux Maintenance (Console) and coding, multithreaded coding, networking essentials, protocols, design pattern, library coding, UML, backend coding, frontend design and coding

Recent research

  1. Notifra - XMPP based notification framework for Android with PHP/Java backends

    Android client (youtube)
    PDF presentation
  2. 3 Big Smartphone Ideas

  3. Adaptive, corpus-based speed optimizations for handwritten or camera-captured CJK OCR

    As for now, some tools are available to download (open-source).

    ETL9B → NHOCR format - conversion tool
    at github (open-source, C++, Eclipse project)
    HCL2000 → NHOCR format - conversion tool
    at github (open-source, C++, Eclipse project)
    HadoopGrams - N-gram generator for Hadoop
    at github (open-source, Java, Eclipse project)
  4. Eduroam Trial - software in Perl to manage trial accounts for Eduroam service (Perl, SQL, Radius)

Old projects

  1. Paragway - simple software to learn languages

    Download (Windows binary only)

    Desktop application for Windows to learn vocabulary.

    Three learning modes: Flash cards, Select correct and Type in both directions (foreign -> your language and vice versa).

    Support for exotic languages with automatic layout change. Try it!

  2. Websites (BACKEND + CODING) (at GINT)

    Closed software. More information at
    Demo (in Polish):

    • SQL database design (40 tables)
    • Software in PHP + SQL + AJAX
      1. Fully Object Oriented code
      2. More than 100 classes
      3. Implemented lots of components, eg.:
        1. tasks validation (manual, automatic)
        2. forum
        3. moderation
        4. bug-tracking
        5. reports
        6. caching
        7. mailing
        8. templates
        9. localization
        10. attachment manager
        11. ajax to object mapper
        12. and so on.
      Software in Java
      1. Applet game about Mathematics (very popular)
      Linux system administration
      1. Virtualization (OpenVZ)
      2. Custom backup solution for lots of small files
      3. Simple maintenance scripts in Perl and Python
      4. Integration with LiveTex and MathTex, including bugfixing: (at ESC S.A.)

    Commercial software, please refer to screenshots.

    • Implemented modules such as gallery, banners, caching mechanism, etc. (hobby project)

    Apartments search engine with Google Maps API.

    • Plugins for Apache Nutch (crawling, extracting data using custom regular expressions)
    • Uses Apache Solr
    • Integration with Google Maps
    • Endpoint in PHP (hobby project)

    Prices of products around the world.

    • PHP + SQL
    • Integration with Google Maps

    Eduroam Trial Management Console

    (url unavailable, code on request)

    • Web service in Perl with SQL access (with transactions)
    • Database abstraction layer
    • Radius server abstraction layer
    • After verification will be released as open-source code,,

    • PHP + SQL + AJAX
    • Not maintained anymore

    Websites (FRONTEND)

    Lots of websites coding (HTML + CSS + Javascript/jQuery/Ajax) for Japanese companies mostly. List available on request.

    OTHER (small hobby websites)

    • Forum about Japan (quite popular in Poland - second biggest)
    • Customized template
    • AJAX shoutbox in PHP written from scratches (requires login)
Tomasz Mikolajewski
asanoki at
My LinkedIn profile